Frequently Asked Questions

How do I secure my reservation?
We can hold your desired date for you for one week without an application or deposit. To hold a reservation permanently, you must pay a deposit (which is half of the suggested donation). The balance is due two weeks before the event.

What is the maximum occupancy of the Pavilion?

Do we have to remove our own trash and recycling?
**The Pavilion provides two 50-gallon trash cans and two 50-gallon recycling bins. You are responsible for removing garbage in excess of that. You are required to pick up any garbage from the Pavilion and dispose of it in the proper receptacles. Any excessive clean-up required by Pavilion staff will result in a charge to your cleaning deposit (this includes picking up confetti).

How many tables and chairs are provided, free of charge, to accommodate my guests?
The Pavilion provides 25 padded stacking chairs, two 6 ft tables and 8 folding chairs. We do not supply linens. Rockin L Rentals (in Kingston – 717-9912) has delivered to the Pavilion in the past and is familiar with our policies. Guests are responsible for setting up and taking down tables and chairs, which are left in a storage room at the Pavilion.

Our rental company can only pick up our linens and dishes the following morning; is this allowed?

Tables and chairs that are rented from outside companies may be left in the Pavilion overnight, provided they are picked up by 10:00 am the following morning. Although the Pavilion is not liable for anything left overnight, theft or vandalism has not been a problem in the past.

Can we get extra time to set up early or end late**?

We ask Guests to begin setup at 2pm, in case the cleaning takes longer than anticipated. Extra setup time may be available. Guests should leave your event by 10pm, but you can clean up quietly after 10pm.

Are grills allowed?
Custom built grills are available for use at the Pavilion. They are charcoal grills. Please do not burn wood in them.

Will we have access to water and electricity?
Yes, there are electrical outlets in the kitchen and throughout the interior pavilion area. There is one indoor sink with counters, and a sink in each of the two rest rooms.

When can I meet with Pavilion staff to discuss any questions or concerns?
Once applicants have secured their reservation with a deposit, they must schedule a time for a Site Review with the Site Manager. This is the time to ask specific site related questions that event organizers, caterers or other event organizers may have concerning set up and other event details. Please come to this meeting prepared with how many people will be attending, and the name and contact information of caterers, musicians, and other service providers. Please provide contact information for the overall event organizer and a contact person who could be reached the day of the event if needed. Feel free to call or email the site coordinator with questions, or to schedule a tour of the site. Also, please feel free to visit the site on your own.

Are the grounds lit?
The Pavilion and the bathrooms are both very well lit. There is no lighting on the back garden area.

Should I be concerned with the general public interfering with my event?
The Pavilion is private. So there should not be any interference with your event by the general public.